Monday, August 26, 2013

Touristy in Seoul

Hi Asia on E Street Reader!

This is Selina once again :) I realize that I have yet to post about all the fun touristy things to do in Seoul. Here I will highlight some of the beautiful places to visit! And if you're ever in Seoul, I highly advise visiting these places!

I found that I got really in tune with nature throughout this trip. Above is a shot of the Secret Garden (Biwon) within Changdeokgung Palace. Having visited all the palaces in Seoul, I think this was the most beautiful of them all. 

 As a seafood lover, this was one of my favorite places! When my mom was still with me in Seoul, it was the only place she visited twice! Above is Noryangjin Fish Market. Its one of the largest seafood markets in Seoul. What's cool is that you go around the market and pick your fare. I got fresh fish which could be cut up into sashimi, shrimp to be grilled, and octopus raw. Having watched the Korean Movie Old Boy, I had to try raw octopus! Unlike the movie, they do cut it up! Though I can't guarantee that it will not continue to squirm. 

Raw Octopus called Sanakkji (산낙지)

In front of the National History Museum of Korea. Entering the lobby, it felt like it could fit in two Smithsonian Museums. Below is a pillar from one of teh exhibits. From behind you can see the explanation as a kind of height check.

Cosplaying Lee Soon Shin, A Joseon Dynasty Naval Commander

In Changdeokgung Palace.
Eating what the Royal family would eat during the Joseon Dynasty at Korea House.

By Kimchi pots within the Korea House Dynasty. This particular spot is famous for being the backdrop of some famous Korean Dramas.
By Cheongyecheon Stream. a massive urban developed stream that flows through the heart of Seoul.  

At Yangneyongsi Market, the oldest traditional oriental medicine market. You can find all sorts of things here. I even bought medicine to prevent balding for my cousins. 

In front of Gwanghwamun, the largest Palace in Seoul and located right in front of the statues of King Sejong and Lee Soonshin

Trying on a hanbok, the traditional Korean Dress at Namangol Hanok Village

On the way to the cable car to Namsan Tower. 
With huge teddy bears at the Teddy Museum inside Namsan Tower
Watching the light show at Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower), the highest Point in Seoul

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