Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tokyo: Ebisu Garden Place & The Museum of Yebisu Beer

Thank you for watching. -S.Y.

Ebisu Garden Place is located in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo. It's called a little slice of Europe due to its strong European influences. It's a nice refined place where you can relax with your friends on the weekend. There are usually events, everything from farmers' markets to beer festivals. 

What fascinates me about Japan isn't simply this pristine area in Ebisu. Instead, it's the juxtaposition of an upscale western part of Tokyo to other more traditional areas that are also within the boundaries of Tokyo. 

If you take a short subway ride toward the east, you can find yourself in Tsukishima, where there is a single street that known for a particular cheap eats called monjyayaki. There you can see shops with low entry ways and smoke fuming from the teppan grill. 

If you find yourself in Tokyo, please take advantage of being able to experience the old and the new in such close proximities. 

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