Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Chinese Language Study in Oregon

Substantial scholarships are still available for this summer’s Intensive Chinese course at Portland State University (Oregon).

Dates: June 25 – August 10, 2012.
Credits: 4 Credits

Substantial tuition aid is available through the ALLEX Foundation. Support from ALLEX will bring tuition for out-of-state students to $749, equal to Oregon residents. In addition, with resident and non-residents can expect substantial additional financial support worth several hundred dollars. Please contact Eriko Akamatsu at for more information.

Estimated Tuition before Scholarships:
Oregon Residents: $749 (Scholarships available.)
Non-Residents: $2,066 (Scholarships available.)


Program Overview:
This program is designed to train students to speak and listen to Mandarin Chinese, and to introduce students to reading and writing the language. At the end of the course students will be expected to perform in all four skills—speaking, listening, reading and writing—at a basic level of proficiency. Students will not only learn to speak the language; they will also develop an understanding of Chinese interpersonal behavior. The ultimate goal is to teach students not just to speak Chinese, but to function successfully in Chinese culture using Mandarin—to present yourself as an intelligent person in Chinese culture using the Chinese language. Students will learn to speak and perform correctly in a variety of social situations. In each setting students will learn how to perform in the Chinese language in a culturally appropriate way

Haohsiang Liao, (Director) Ohio State University
Cornelius Kubler, Williams College
Yongfang Zhang, Wufford College
Wan-Chen Chen, Ohio State University


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