Tuesday, August 9, 2011

JOB: Mandarin Chinese Interpretation

Specific project not an on-going responsibility (although separate requests may come in from time to time).
This request is for the translation of 401k materials for employees in a company in Tennessee. The material is in English; the topic is the explanation of the benefits of saving for the future, 401k plan highlights (like eligibility and match, etc.), and investment choices.
The hourly rate is determined by the translator. The need is immediate. All materials will be emailed to the translator and emailed back to employer upon completion.

If interested, contact Maura Leary at mauraleary@gmail.com. She will always be available to the translator to explain, clarify, and assist in an understanding of the material - and she is also willing to work with the translator if it is helpful. Her website: (www.LovejoyAssociates.com) provides more clarity about what her company does.

Anyone who is interested and immediately available, please contact at mauraleary@gmail.com ASAP.

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