Monday, February 3, 2014

International Studies Graduate Programs: Master of Arts in International Studies

Master of Arts in International Studies
You're a college graduate compelled by the idea of life and work overseas. China's ingenuity, opportunities, and progress in business and education appeals to you, and you're seeking a Master’s Degree to help you realize your professional aspirations. But your time is limited. You can't afford to be stuck in a classroom in the United States for two years. When you choose an international studies graduate program, it not only needs to be academically rigorous, but it needs to be accelerated and grounded in real world experiences.
You may be the perfect candidate for Concordia University's Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) graduate program.

Founded in 2005, the MAIS program is an extraordinary program that cultivates academic, cultural research and language skills alongside a practical work experience in China. The program encourages students to engage in, and experience, life and work in China. After a summer of intensive courses at the Irvine campus, you head overseas and immediately start living, working, and studying in China, perhaps in some of the ways you've always imagined.

Each year, about sixty-five qualified students are sent to teach in K-12 and university partners.
The deadline to apply for the June, 2014 cohort ends on March 1 (application completion extension will be considered if applications are started before March 1).

Open to students interested in teaching in China with a salary, while living, studying and conducting empirical research for their Master’s degree with a fully accredited US institution.

You can learn more about the program at:
Application instructions and other details can also be located on our website.

You may also contact Dr. Schuler via email at: or call us at: 949-214-3376.

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  1. My sister is completing her Masters degree from there. I am busy with my Bar Exam preparation these days. She was discussing about this post only. She wants me to come there as well, but I am so much into law studies and I am preparing very hard for my upcoming exam. I really want to become a successful lawyer.