Thursday, October 31, 2013

U.S-Japan and U.S-Korea Relations Student Conference Applications Now Open

The Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) was founded in 1934 by Japanese students who were concerned about the deteriorating relations between Japan and the United States. Patterned after the JASC model of a student-run Conference, the first Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) launched in 2008. For either month-long program, students will participate in discussion groups called Roundtables, visit sites, attend lectures, and present the conclusions they reached during their discussions at a final forum. The conferences enable students to grow as leaders, build mutual understanding, and forge life-long friendships.

We invite students of all studies and backgrounds to participate in the 66th JASC and 7th KASC; no background in Japanese or Korean studies or language is necessary. Early application deadlines are due January 31, 2014 for the Summer 2014 conferences. 

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