Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Study Break Travels: Singapore Part 1

Hi Asia on E Street Readers!

This is Selina~ it's been about 4 months since I arrived in Seoul, and I finally took my first of hopefully many trips exploring Seoul. One of the many things you'll here while your studying abroad is to travel outside of your study abroad! For this blog post I'm going to highlight my trip to Singapore. I was there for about 5 days including travel and stayed with a relative. It was such an exciting trip, and Singapore is very clean, beautiful, and expensive! Visiting Singapore left me with deep impressions especially how highly urbanized it is and the nature of its economy. I'll get to more of my impressions in my next post!

Much of downtown Singapore is luxury brands galore. I admit that when I left Singapore I suddenly became a bit excessive with my spending... On the first day we went to the main tourist attractions of Singapore. The first stop was Marina Bay where much of Singapore's architectural fame is. Below is the Merlion, a half mermaid half lion creature which is Singapore's mascot.

Next we made way to Marina Bay Sands, which is the most expensive casino bulit! It also looks like a giant surf board on top of the three towers ^^ The helix bridge then forms a pathway to the Singapore Flyer. Just past that is 

On Day 2, I headed over to Sentosa Bay Island a major resort/adventure park. 

To get there we took a cable car, above is the view from the car. Although I don't have any pictures, I had fun riding a segway, luge and another skyride around the island. Also there were so many photo opportunities with different Merlions!

On Day 3, I decided to sleep in. I had a quick lunch in Little India before heading to a concert. In Singapore, the food courts are all open air called Hawker centers. Like a food court, vendors prepare all sorts of foods, but no vendor sells the same thing nor do any of them sell drinks. There is a separate vendor just for drinks. Hawker centers also exist in just about all the metro stations. As does some sort of mall or entertainment complex as soon as you exit a metro.

Concerts are such great venues of sponsors. Before the show, we previewed much of the new Samsung galaxy products which included this nifty two way camera trick. 


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