Friday, November 30, 2012

New Grant Opportunities for Graduate Internships in Asia

New Grant Funding to Support Student Internships in Asia

Elliott School graduate students looking to gain foreign work experience now have the unique opportunity to receive funding to pursue an internship in Asia, starting as early as summer 2013.
This fall, the Elliott School's Graduate Student Career Development (GSCD) office was awarded a $100,000 grant to support graduate student internships in Asia. The grant, awarded by the Freeman Foundation, will provide individual students with fellowships of $4,000 each to defray the cost of pursuing 8-10 week internships in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
"This generous award offers ample opportunity for our students to engage with international organizations across Asia — from Burma to the Philippines to China — in career-enhancing positions," said Angella Griffin, director of GSCD. "Students focusing on Asian Studies, as well as any student looking to gain international experience, should consider applying for an award."
The Freeman Foundation awards $50 million annually to academic institutions across the United States. Its aim is to increase international understanding between the United States and Asian nations through education and travel.
According to Marcus King, associate director of research and the principal investigator for the project, "These grants will expose students to the region while strengthening ties to employers and alumni mentors in Asia. They are an enormous contribution to a core of the Elliott School's mission."
Foreign experience can be immensely helpful to students during their search for employment. In a GSCD-administered survey given to 275 employers, international work experience was the third most important qualification desired by employers of graduate students focusing on Asian Studies. Foreign language skills and cross cultural and communications skills were also ranked highly.

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