Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Course Announcement: REL 3390:12 Hinduism in Modern World

Hinduism in Modern World 

Offered: Spring 2013 TF 2:20-3:35pm
Taught by: Professor Prabha Reddy

Hinduism in Modern World has three overarching goals. First, we explore the Colonial period and the constructions and reforms of Hinduism by Indian thinkers and European intellectuals. We then turn to the modern period to examine what forms of Hinduism were practiced, what traditions survived, and the ways in which Hinduism met the burgeoning challenges of a modernized India. finally, our focus shifts to Diaspora Hinduism and the transmission and transformation of Hindu traditions in modern Europe and America. The course provides students with many ways of engaging with diversity of Hinduism in relations to Indian society and culture as well as Hindu understandings of religious experience and gender relations.

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