Tuesday, September 4, 2012

JOB OPENING: U.S.-Japan-South Korea Legislative Exchange Program (LEP/TLEP) Program Assistant

The U.S.-Japan-South Korea Legislative Exchange Program (LEP/TLEP) is conducting a search for a new program assistant. The LEP/TLEP is directed by Professor Henry R. Nau and brings together Members of the US Congress, Japanese Diet, and South Korean National Assembly twice a year to discuss issues among the three countries.

The program assistant serves as chief administrative assistant to Professor Nau. Primary responsibilities include inviting and organizing Members of Congress to travel to Tokyo/Seoul for a fall meeting (2012 meeting in Seoul) and hosting Japanese and South Korean delegations for two days of meetings in Washington in the spring. The assistant travels to Asia in the fall for approximately one week. 

Since meetings in both Washington and Tokyo/Seoul are held toward the end of each semester, this position requires a graduate student who has very strong organizational and time management skills necessary to handle all of the details of event coordination while completing his/her own semester-end course requirements. Other skills needed include a strong sense of responsibility, maturity, courtesy, and reliability. English fluency is essential. Preference will be given to those who have a strong interest in US-Japan or US-South Korean relations, are fluent in Japanese or Korean, and are committed to hold the position for a two year period (the usual MA term). Professional references are welcomed.

The position is part-time, averaging 10 hrs/week, and runs through the academic year and summer. The hourly wage is $15/hr.  Work time varies from approximately 5-8 hrs/wk (preferably spread over at least 3 working days) during the first two thirds of each semester to 20-25 hours during the last third of the semester (sometimes more if needed, including weekends). Summer work is more evenly spread out. It is possible to hold another part-time job in the summer if it is located in the DC area.

Send a cover letter stating your interest, qualifications and references, along with a complete resume to nau@gwu.edu or fax to 202-994-5477. 

Submit applications as soon as possible. Deadline for submission is October 15, 2012.    

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