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Contest: KSCPP Sixth National Essay Contest

KSCPP Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project    

The Sixth National Essay Contest 

To foster the understanding and appreciation of  Korean history and culture, KSCPP is hosting its 6th national essay contest.  The Essay Contest is open to students at junior high school, high school, and college/university, and to the general public (ages 18 and older).  The entrants are required to read one of  the books published by KSCPP (available online for free at 


College Students & General Public (18 & older)     
First Place: $1,000 
Second Place: $500 
Third Place: $ 200
* Honorable Mentions: $50

*The Honorable Mentions will be determined by the number of entrants.

Special Awards for Schools 
$500 will be awarded to the Schools whose students actively participated in the contest* 
*KSCPP will donate the funds to schools that are interested in teaching students about Korea. The funds should be used for the purpose of  teaching Korean history and culture (e.g. teaching materials, trips to museums, etc.).  The awards will be determined by the number of  entrants from each high school and/or the quality of  the essays submitted. 

Essay Topics

Junior High School Students
Junior high school students can read one of  the first three KSCPP series books (Admiral Yi Sunsin, King Sejong the Great, or Chung Hyo Ye) and select one topic from below. 
    a. After reading either Admiral Yi Sunsin or King Sejong the Great, discuss your impression on the leadership and character of Admiral Yi (or King Sejong the Great if  you read his book) and the lessons we can learn from him.
    b. After reading Chung Hyo Ye, discuss the values (or the stories) that you liked and why.

High School Students, College Students & General Public
All other entrants can either select a topic from the Junior High School Students topic section, or choose one of  the topics below:
   a. After reading either Fifty Wonders of  Korea Volume I, or Volume II, discuss the scientific or cultural achievements that impressed you and why.
   b. After reading Master Wonhyo, discuss your impression of  Master Wonhyo’s life and teaching.
   c. After reading the Practice of  Hong Ik Ingan, discuss your understanding of  the ideals of  Hong Ik Ingan. 
General Topic for All Entrants
Read one of  the books from KSCPP Series and discuss your impression, appreciation, or understanding of  the subjects discussed in 
the book.  

Eligibility:  Students in Junior High School, High School, and College/University, and General Public (ages 18 & older).

Essays must meet the following requirements: 
1. One-inch margin (top, bottom, left, and right); font size 12 (Times New Roman); double spaced; two to three pages long. 
2. Each essay must have the following information listed on the cover: 1.Name 2.Age 3. Phone Number, Mailing Address & Email 
4. School and Grade (or occupation, if  applicable) 

To Enter: Submit entries electronically to with the subject heading “2012 6th Essay Contest.” Or mail to  
46-38 159th Street, Flushing, NY 11361

Deadline: Both online and offline submissions are due by January 15, 2013.  
The winners will be announced no later than March 17, 2013

If you would like to receive a copy of our book to enter the contest, please contact us using the information below. 

For more Information, please contact KSCPP at or visit  
KSCPP is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.

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