Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opportunity for Undergraduate Students to be Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

The Michigan Journal of Asian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide undergraduate students around the world with a venue for submissions of original research and/or analytical papers on Asian Studies. We accept work from all disciplines relating to South, Southeast, and East Asia. Our deadline for submissions is October 10th, 2011. All submissions must meet the following guidelines:

--Your subject line and document title should fit the following format: [author name] [paper title] [region (south/southeast/east)]

--Submissions have a lower limit of approximately 5000 words.

--All submissions must include a coversheet. The coversheet should include an abstract, your full name, academic institution, and e-mail address.

--Authors must provide a complete bibliography with their submissions, including page citations. Authors should follow the Chicago Manual of Style format for references and endnotes.

The author must supply any additional figures and pictures as separate files in the highest resolution possible. It must be noted in the document as to where the figure belongs. (e.g. [Picture001 belongs here])

Please send all comments and questions to michiganjournalofasianstudies@umich.edu

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