Friday, September 2, 2011

Increase in International Students from Asia at GW Emphasizes Importance of the Sigur Center

A recent GW Hatchet article highlighted the increased numbers of international students from Asia at GW this academic year:

According to the article, "This year, China, the Republic of Korea and India have the largest foreign populations on campus with 568, 256 and 244 students respectively." These increased numbers of students from Asia highlight the importance of the research and mission of the Sigur Center. The fact that these students chose to come to the US and GW for advanced study reflects an important aspect of American soft power--the attractiveness of American universities in international education. The teaching and research by Sigur Center faculty and staff not only helps to contribute to the overall study of US-Asian relations, it also equips American students with the knowledge of Asian countries so that they can engage in meaningful conversations with their Asian peers .

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