Friday, August 12, 2016

Taipei to Hong Kong

Hello, dear readers!

Originally I set out to make a video compilation of night markets in Taipei and Hong Kong, however getting a good angle to film proved to be a challenge and resulted in quite wobbly and visually unappealing footage. So I decided to make a video summarizing my travels so far, in Taipei and in Hong Kong.

If you'd like music to accompany the video, try listening to this酒後的心聲, a song sung in Taiwanese and a recent favorite of mine. However, music is not necessary.

Though the famed night markets of Taipei are not featured in my video highlighting my travels so far, I would like to impart some useful knowledge of 夜市.

  • Though the Shilin Night Market may be one of the most famous night markets in Taipei, you could honestly do without going to it. It's extremely crowded. I once went on a Saturday and it was uncomfortably 人山人海. If you do end up going, stay away from the fruit ladies. They will lure you in with samples of tantalizing and juicy fruit, one after another, and before you know it you're paying over $300 NT for a small bag of cut fruit. That's $10 USD. Think of Whole Foods prices, but even more expensive.
  • The recommended alternative? Raohe night market, highly recommended by a teacher at ICLP. Right next to it is Wufenpu, where you can get unique clothes on the cheap. $100 NT shirts galore, and that's just about $3 USD.
That is all for night markets, now feel free to take in some sights and sounds of Taipei and Hong Kong.


Anna Du
B.A. International Affairs and Chinese, 2018
Sigur Center 2016 Chinese Language Fellow
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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