Monday, August 29, 2016

Sightseeing in Seoul- Hoyer- SNU- Summer Language Grant

For the last blog and video of my language study trip to Seoul, I visited the National Museum of Korea, Nakseongdae Market, Gwanghwamun Square, the Sejong Center for Performing Arts Exhibition Hall, and Myeong-dong.  The video is filled with pictures, videos of street performances, and my narration about the sites I was able to visit.
I attended a special exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the excavation of the Sinan Shipwreck at the National Museum of Korea.  Nakseongdae Market is a market near my residence in Korea.  Gwanghwamun Square is a famous tourist site in Seoul commemorating historical Korean heroes.  Next to the square lies the Sejong Center for Performing Arts where I visited the Exhibition Hall dedicated to King Sejong and Admiral Yin.  Finally, I went for a stroll down the popular shopping district of Myeong-dong to buy last minute gifts for family and friends.

Verónica María Hoyer, B.A., International Affairs 2017,
Sigur Center 2016 Korean Language Fellow,
Seoul National University, South Korea.

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