Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Announcing the eBay Policy Scholars

eBay has endowed a new fellowship program at GWU for students in economics, political science and international affairs. The company aims to support new thinking and research publications on issues in the field of economics, development, trade, law, political science, and international affairs related to the emergence of digital, Internet, and mobile technology and how they impact commerce.

Why should you apply?

Students chosen for this fellowship will benefit from free office space at eBay, research support, and a small stipend. This fall semester we will choose 2 students, one from the Colombian College (MA and Ph.D.) and one from Elliott (MA), for the Policy Fellowship. Students will be encouraged to publish their findings.

How to apply:

Send a one page overview of your research project to Be sure to delineate: what is the research question(s) you seek to answer; describe your research methods; and explain why eBay would be a good place to get feedback. Please also attach a ONE page bio.

Sample research questions:

What policies should governments in the developing world adopt to increase innovation and technology use?

Global Smartphone sales exceeded feature phone sales for the first time in April 2013; what does the trend towards smartphones mean for the global economy?

What can policymakers do to reconcile divergent regional/national regulatory policies (such as those on privacy)? What does such divergence mean for the “one global Internet?”

These are broad research questions, and they merely serve as examples. Students should also consider more narrow research topics. Please send your 2 page application to Dr. Susan Aaronson by Sept. 20. eBay would like the Policy Scholars to start October 1, 2013.

What is the decision process? A committee comprised of faculty from Elliott, Economics, and Political Science will review all applications and announce the fellows by September 25.

Questions: Email Dr. Aaronson at


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