Monday, October 3, 2011

Mark Oct. 7th! Pre-Registration for the Elliott School Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

If you plan on taking the GW-proctored examination this semester, you MUST pre-register to ensure there are spots for all students who wish to take the exam. Pre-registration is now open for the Elliott School reading and speaking foreign language proficiency examinations for the Fall 2011 semester. If you do not pre-register, GW may not be able to accommodate you this fall.

The deadline for pre-registration is October 7th (Friday).

We expect final registration to take place in mid-October and will be working with the GW Language Center to finalize the schedule and begin the final examination registration process.

The examination period is tentatively scheduled for November 7th to 18th (except for Arabic). Students wishing to take the Arabic exam should contact Emily Voight at regarding the Arabic testing schedule.

To pre-register, click on the following link and then complete and submit the pre-registration form:
Again, if you do not pre-register by October 7th, it is possible that you may not be able to take the proficiency examination this fall. Students who pre-register will have priority in the final registration process.
Any questions regarding the foreign language proficiency examination process, please contact: Ryan Pond at
Questions regarding the Arabic language exam , please contact: Emily Voight at

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