Thursday, February 17, 2011

Publication Opportunity on Korea

Publication Opportunity on Korea

In 2011, KEI will be publishing a special edition of its annual Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies volume and is looking to highlight emerging perspectives on issues pertaining to the Korean peninsula and U.S. policy towards Northeast Asia.

If you are a current graduate student/PhD candidate who wants to contribute to the U.S.-Korea policy discussion, get published, and earn a free trip to Washington D.C. to present your paper, then this is the opportunity for you.

What Kind of Papers are We Looking For?
KEI is looking to publish papers ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 words on timely topics related to Northeast Asia and specifically, the Korean peninsula. Topics MUST be directly relevant to current and future policy. Exemplary submissions have included:

For more information on the Joint Studies volumes, click here.

* Korea Goes Global: South Korea’s New Leadership Role in the G20
* Digital populism in South Korea
* Russia and the Six Party Talks
* Green Energy Politics in Northeast Asia
* Buying into North Korea: Prospects for Economic Engagement
* Potential Legal Aftershocks of the KORUS FTA
* China-ROK Trade Disputes and their Implications on Security

Papers must be written exclusively for KEI, i.e., not have been published previously in any form.

The Catch?
All papers need to be submitted by a faculty member—i.e. your professor—who recommends your paper for publication. Any faculty submitting papers should know that the submission of a paper signifies their endorsement of it to be timely, policy-relevant, and worthy of publication. Papers received directly from students will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines
When submitting your paper for consideration, please make sure your professor includes:

* Your Full Name, Contact Information, and University Affiliation
* His/Her Full Name, Title, and Contact Information
* Your paper in Microsoft Word format

Papers should be submitted to by May 13, 2011.

Selected papers will go through a rigorous editing process before publication in the summer/fall 2011. Authors will be flown to DC to present their papers at a policy roundtable event that KEI will host in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the publication.

All questions regarding this Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies Special Edition Volume should be directed to

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