Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paid & Unpaid Summer Internship Opportunities from Keio Academy of New York

As in previous 3 years Keio Academy of New York (a private boarding high school located in Purchase, NY http://www.keio.edu/english/ ) is proud to announce summer internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students from Japan and the US.

Category 1: Unpaid internship [maximum of ten undergraduate or graduate students]

Category 2: Paid internship [maximum of five highly motivated and qualified graduate students, the compensation amount depends on the number of classes taught]

Category 3: Unpaid Internship from Japan [maximum of two undergraduate or graduate students who can travel with the summer program participants from Japan.]

Period of Internship:

[Categories 1 & 2] July 22 (Fri.), 2011 - August 8(Sun), 2011 (These dates include an orientation session prior to the program)

[Category 3] July 24, 2011 (departing Narita Airport) - August 8, 2011 (dismissal at Narita Airport. Plus orientation session on July 10, 2011 in Tokyo)

Status of Internship: [All categories] full-time & residential (Interns are required to live in on-campus student housing.)

Keio will provide:

[Categories 1 & 2] On-campus housing with free cafeteria privileges, domestic transportation reimbursement of up to $300.00 for round trip travel to/from Keio campus.

[Category 2] Stipends of up to $400.00 for classroom instruction, preparation, and grading homework.

[Category 3] On-campus housing with free cafeteria privileges, round-trip transportation between Narita and Keio campus on a designated travel package (as a chaperone) and travel insurance.

Internship Description:


[All categories]

Excellent command of English language

A good team worker in a multi-cultural setting

Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced program environment

[For Non-native speakers of Japanese] At least two years of college-level Japanese language or cultural studies strongly preferred

An undergraduate or a graduate student in Education, International Studies, Intercultural Communication, or related major preferred

Experience in working with youth and/or experience in living/studying/working in another country in a cross-cultural environment preferred

Prior high school or college dorm experience is a plus

Media arts or digital technology related experience helpful

[Category 2]

Ability to teach junior and senior American and/or Japanese high school students in an informal setting in the subject and topic of your choosing , but related to the overall theme of the summer program.


US History or any other area of social studies related to US-Japan relations

Arts & Music




The language of instruction many be in English or Japanese [Please specify in the cover letter]

Future aspiration in teaching or participation in JET Program preferred

[Category 3]

Must have Japanese citizenship with valid Japanese passport

Prior experience in international travel is preferred

Ryuta Ohtani

Administrative Director of Summer Program

Keio Academy of New York

Tel: (914) 701-3454

Fax: (914) 701-3457

E-mail: keiosummer@keio.edu

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