Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Typhoon Preparedness

Typhoon season is upon us all studying abroad in Taiwan! So, for those of you considering travelling to the island in the future, I would like to provide a few tips for surviving the storm.

1.       While not all typhoons are equally severe, treat each as if they were capable of equal damage. Typhoons can take you by surprise. Do not disregard the countless warnings you will receive from weather services and government offices. A typhoon is called a typhoon for a reason. The rains and wind that accompany this type of storm far exceed the usual rainy summer afternoon in Taiwan.

2.       With this in mind, DO NOT go outside during a typhoon unless absolutely necessary. And, make every effort to be safely indoors before one arrives. This past week, my friend and I had dinner plans on Saturday night. We were aware a typhoon was coming, but the rainfall throughout the day had been minimal. We wrongly assumed the typhoon had developed weaker than originally predicted by meteorologists. While we had dinner, we were unaware of the storm brewing outside. By the time we were heading home, the typhoon was in full force. Our umbrellas were rendered useless by the extreme wind and rain falling at a 45-degree angle. We nearly did not make it home, fighting the wind the whole way. We learned our lesson, and chose to hunker down indoors for the remainder of the storm.

3.       So how do you survive typhoon inflicted house arrest? RAMEN! While I use typhoons to justify my unhealthy desire for these cheap and incredibly unhealthy instant meals, any food that requires little to no preparation is great. Be prepared for potential power outages. I would also advise you to buy bottled drinks in case you lose access to clean water. If the typhoon is expected to last a few days, I suggest you buy prepackaged milk tea to prevent withdrawals!

4.       Hopefully you can ride out the typhoon with a friend, but if not, be sure to grab a good book and some movies to pass the time!

For those of you staying in Taiwan currently and those planning a to study abroad here in the future, have fun, but be safe!

Katelyn DeNap

George Washington University - Elliott School of International Affairs
M.A. Security Policy Studies
Organization of Asian Studies – Vice President
Sigur Center 2017 Asian Language Fellow

National Taiwan University - International Chinese Language Program, Taiwan

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