Friday, March 14, 2014

Selina in Seoul: Idoling and Winter Break

Hi Asia on E Street readers!

Its been awhile. I believe its Spring Break at GW right now, no? I hope you all are enjoying your break! As for me, I just finished a two month long winter vacation. Yes, I just began classes last week! So in honor of spring break at GW and the end of my winter break here in Seoul, I wanted to share with you all the things I've been up to!

I did go home for the holidays and returned to Seoul late January. Good Times~ I actually got to meet up with one of the Sigur Center Faculty, Winnie! But most of my break was somehow filled with tons K-pop. If there is anything to know about Korea, its K-pop. This break I found myself watching concerts, musicals, and ballets just about every week. 

Korea is pretty strict about photography during live events. At one concert I went to, the staff were hawks and immediately kicked out of the venue anyone they found taking photos or video. So I don't actually have any pictures inside the venues I went to, but I took as many outside the venue as possible!

The first of my k-pop idol adventures was a music showcase featuring the members of various idol groups, called S.M. the Ballad. I got to see some of my favorite vocalists~ I was very happy to go but a bit bitter about the ticketing process. Regardless, it was a great showcase!

One of my friends really likes one of the boy group members starring in this musical so I followed along. It's called Moon Embraces the Sun, a musical version of the popular korean drama. The singers were amazing, the actual production could have been better but the lighting was beautiful. Apart from the actual singing, the lighting was probably the best part. 

This was my first time watching ballet. We saw Universal Ballet company perform one piece from various ballets. It was beautiful, but I have to say rather painful to watch. 

If you've read my previous posts, then you would know that I really like this group called Infinite. I saw at the beginning of their world tour in Seoul in August then again in Singapore. I was slightly disappointed that the one time I leave the US, they perform in Washington DC. This two day concert was the best end to my long winter break.

Finally, I just wanted to share some pictures with Winnie at a hair salon. When we met up in Gangnam we spontaneously decided to get our hair permed. As you can see, it was a rather intense and funny process. I felt like Frankenstein getting hooked up to the machines, but at least my hair turned out beautifully~

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