Sunday, December 8, 2013

Selina in Seoul: Nami Island

Hi Asia on E St. readers

This is Selina once again, updating you on my studies and activities at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. With Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, I must admit I was quite jealous of the delicious turkey photos on my social media!

I wanted to briefly talk about the Korean Version of Thanksgiving called Chuseok (추석), also known as harvest festival. Chuseok is usually mid-September, and on this day korean families head back to their hometowns for a feast and eat ddeok (떡) colorful pieces of rice cake with various fillings ranging from honey (꿀) to red bean (팥) to liqueur (술). Back during Chuseok I went to Singapore, and since I already posted on my trip to Singapore I thought I would post about some other fun places other exchange students went to during Chuseok, and where I just recently visited a couple weeks back.

If you recall in my previous posts I mentioned that Korea University has an awesome program set up for incoming exchange and visiting Students called KUBA (Korea University Buddy Assistants). Every week my KUBA group arranges group activities where we can experience Korea's landmarks and activities it had to offer. A few weeks back my group and I visited Nami Island (남이섬). This Island just outside Seoul is very famous for its straight lined trees, and was the filming location of a very famous korean drama called Winter Sonata (겨울나그네).

Nami Island is breathtakingly beautiful. I could see immediately why production companies would film there. Ther were so many things to take pictures of and with. This trip easily turned into a photoshoot. We were only there for a few hours, but I managed to take over 300 pictures and still not cover all the location shoots the island has to offer.

The tree lined path were like a dream. Though Korea itself has many rock structures, the rock structures at Nami Island were especially beautiful, and I really love rock and brick architecture! Its something that I have only seen in Korea. 

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