Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Internship Opening for Market Access and Compliance Unit of the International Trade Administration, Office of China and Mongolia

Internship Opportunity: Market Access and Compliance Unit of the International Trade Administration, Office of China and Mongolia

The Market Access and Compliance (MAC) unit helps American companies overcome trade barriers overseas and ensures that trading partners fully meet their obligations under trade agreements signed with the United States. MAC employs about 100 international trade specialists covering all of the countries in the world as well as multilateral organizations. The MAC unit includes the 1) Office of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia; 2) Office of Asia (China, Japan, and Southeast Asia); 3) Office of Europe; 4) Office of the Western Hemisphere; and 5) Trade Agreements and Compliance Office, which includes the a) Office of Multilateral Affairs covering trade-related activities of multilateral organizations such as the World Trade Organization and OECD, b) Office of Intellectual Property Rights, and c) Trade Compliance Center, which works with large and small businesses to ensure they receive the benefits of over 270 trade agreements that open foreign markets to U.S. goods and services.

To learn more about MAC, please visit their web site: http://trade.gov/mac/index.asp

General Internship Duties: Responsibilities for MAC interns will vary by office but may include: researching and analyzing trade and investment issues in particular countries on particular issue areas (e.g., government procurement, technical barriers to trade, import licensing, customs and trade facilitation for WTO Committee work or WTO/FTA negotiations); accompanying international trade specialists to meetings with other Commerce Department offices, American companies, other U.S. Government agencies, foreign governments, and/or other organizations and providing logistical support for and drafting reports on those meetings; helping prepare briefing papers and speeches; assisting international trade specialists with responding to requests from the business community for information on ways to expand its market access, remove market barriers, and benefit from trade agreements; and working with international trade specialists to develop strategies to address U.S. companies' market access and compliance concerns. 

General Qualifications: Qualifications include strong writing and verbal communication skills and an ability to work well with people. Applicants with foreign language ability are encouraged to apply as well as experience studying and/or traveling to or living in foreign countries.

Specific Qualifications Required:
  • Ability to read and speak Chinese
  • Knowledge of China and factors underlying trade and commerce
  • Ability to gather and perform basic research
  • Communication skills sufficient to assemble, organize, and report trade-related information
Please send resume and cover letter to the 
Deputy Director of the Office of China and Mongolia

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