Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Four Graduate Students Publish Articles on Asia

Four Political Science PhD students have published articles and/or book reviews on issues in Indonesia, China, and Turkmenistan. Congrats to Maiko Ichihara, Charles Sullivan, John Tai, and Enze Han!

- Maiko Ichihara. 2010. "Information Availability and NGO Advocacy: Indonesian Environmental NGOs and Anti-Mining Campaigns." Josef Korbel Journal of Advanced International Studies 2 (Summer): 45-60.

- Charles Sullivan. 2010. "Halk, Watan, Berdymuhammedov!: Political Transition and Regime Continuity in Turkmenistan." Journal of Central Asian Studies, Forthcoming.

- John Tai. 2010. "Book Review: Zheng Yongnian and Joseph Fewsmith, eds., China's Opening Society: The non-state sector and governance." East Asia 27 (June): 215-218.

- Enze Han. 2010. "The Dog That Hasn't Barked: Assimilation and Resistance in Inner Mongolia, China." Asian Ethnicity, Forthcoming.

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